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The season follows the lives of Anna and Brian, who have been given the task of raising five-year-old Thomas in between their jobs as a TV weather presenter and a travel writer. They split their time between Sydney and Thomas' small hometown, and they are raising two other children, Joy and Skye, as well. Contents Season four begins one year after the death of Skye's father, leaving Anna in shock.[3] After Skye was kidnapped from their home, Anna and Brian struggle to cope with their grief. They make contact with their daughter through email and begin to find their way back to their old selves as they forge a new bond with the children. With Skye's help, Anna and Brian take charge of their life and their emotions. Skye also helps her parents understand that they, too, have survived a difficult time, and is determined to make them proud.[4] After finding out Skye has been kidnapped by a young boy in a trench coat, Anna and Brian decide to take a step back from their busy lives. They choose to move to the English countryside and take charge of their own lives and emotion once again. They start a new life in the country and take a quick vacation to the countryside. With the help of a local, Ray, they settle into a new life, gradually starting to come back to their old selves and rekindle their bond with the children.[5] On her first morning at home, Anna wakes up and finds Thomas crying, having just been woken from a nightmare. When she goes to see what's wrong, Thomas tells her that Skye hurt him by taking away his Xbox, and he and Joy were on their way to the police station when they ran into Skye and left her alone with him. Anna understands the seriousness of Skye's actions and lets her go to school, but decides to take over Thomas' look after as he's had a rough night. She tells Brian she needs some space but he doesn't care. Later, she goes for a run and discovers a note left by Skye. Anna sends Brian to Skye's house to get her, but gets there too late, and they decide to go to the police instead.[6] As the trio wait for Skye to come home, Ray interrupts them to inform them that the police have located Skye. Anna and Brian decide to go with him to the police station, where they find Skye and her abductor, Jimmy, in





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Download H2o Just Add Water Season 4

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